Adrian Law


I’m a Boston-based Data Scientist + Programmer

With a passion for learning and a commitment to drive meaningful change

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I love putting my ideas to work and challenging my skills and knowledge

I’m fascinated by the potential I find in projects and excited about enacting meaningful change in the world

My goals are to advance our understanding of the world around us through data and develop solutions with that understanding

After graduating from Boston University in 2017 in Computer Science and Economics, I joined Optum as a Data Scientist, where I’m applying ML initiatives to the healthcare space

  • MBTA/BPS Bus Optimization (BOATS)

  • Rotten Tomatoes

  • Forex Arbitrage Analysis

  • Snippet

  • Typeracer

I’m an avid sailor and badminton player (come to BU Fitrec on Sunday mornings!)

I help mentor students and other young professionals around Boston as part of the Taiwanese American Professionals association

I spend a lot of time watching old movies, memorizing history trivia, and getting invovled in many other pursuits